Grant Support services

The Grant Support Team of IXA UvA-HvA provides tailor-made support for applications for research projects.

Ways of providing support

  • Finding the right opportunity: Together with you we determine what the right funding possibilities are to apply for.
  • Brainstorm session: We help you in organizing a brainstorm session where you can discuss your proposal outline with colleagues to fine-tune the project ideas.
  • Feedback on proposal: We will give you feedback and, if necessary, contribute to getting feedback from colleagues.
  • Interview training: When you are invited for an interview, we can give feedback on the presentation and provide you with training. For this training session we will also invite your close and somewhat further away colleagues.
  • Rebuttal: We will give feedback on your response to the reviewers' comments.

Information Provision

IXA UvA-HvA has access to and/or is member of many information networks, like the VSNU (the Association of Netherlands Universities), EUPMAN (the EU Project Managers Association in The Netherlands), LERU League of European Research Universities), NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research), RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency), the Horizon2020 sounding boards, and Neth-ER (Netherlands house for Education and Research).

We share information with you through:

  • Training and workshops
  • Funding Overview Calendar
  • Our Grants Update newsletter
  • The News and Events section on our website

Timeline and intensity of support

The point in time when you contact us determines how much support we can give you. For some deadlines there are many applications and we have to divide our time. As a scientist you are busy, and you might prefer to work close to the deadline. However, if you send us your proposal shortly before the deadline we cannot guarantee to give you feedback.

Collaboration with Faculty teams

The Grant Support Team team collaborates with support staff in your Faculty on the area of research funding acquisition. See the section Support at Faculties for more information and contact details.

Published by  IXA UvA-HVA

23 October 2018