The list of grants and research funding is not exhaustive. Please contact us if you have specific questions about the research grants and funding offered here, if you have a research plan which is not compatible with any of these funding possibilities and for all your other questions.

If you intend to apply for a research grant and need further assistance, please contact one of our research grant advisors, see their main areas of activity below.

  • dr. A.M.G. (Annette) Dirac

    Annette Dirac PhD: FMG-PsyRes, POWL / CDE, FNWI-HIMS, SILS and API | T: 0205252694

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  • dr. G.E. (Bea) Krenn

    Bea Krenn PhD: FMG-AISSR | T: 0205254796

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  • dr. C.A.L. (Carolien) Zijderveld

    Carolien Zijderveld PhD: FGw, FNWI-IBED, IvI and KdV | T: 0205256931

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  • Ms D.M. (Daphne) Lentjes

    Daphne Lentjes PhD: FGw-ACLC, KNAW-Meertens, KNAW-Huygens ING and AHK |

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  • dr. ir. G.P.C.M. (Karin) van de Sande

    Karin van de Sande PhD: FNWI-SILS, IoP and ILLC | T: 0205255248

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  • dr. M.R. (Marcel) Giezen

    Marcel Giezen PhD (trainee) |

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  • dr. M. (Maren) Pannemann

    Maren Pannemann PhD: HvA-FDMCI, FMR and FOO |

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  • dr. O.V. (Olga) Gritsai

    Olga Gritsai PhD: FdR and FMG-ASCoR | T: 0205258852

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  • dr. S.E.C. (Soraya) Mols

    Soraya Mols PhD: FEB, FNWI-HIMS |

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General contact details:

T: +31 (0)20 525 5417


Published by  IXA UvA-HVA

24 November 2017