Van Gogh Programma Call 2017-2018

deadline 15 juni 2017

18 May 2017

Are you interested in research cooperation with French researchers? Are you looking for means to help pay for the costs of visits to start up the cooperation? Then the Van Gogh Programme may be the grant for you.

The Van Gogh Programme promotes exchanges between researchers in projects focused on developing science in a specific field of expertise. These projects usually involve funda­mental research where multinational teams use each other’s facilities, unique collections and research methods. All this travel can be costly. This is where the Van Gogh Programme can help out.
“The travel grant stimulates a strong interaction between two research groups! Funding is available not just for applicants (professors), but also for PhD students and postdocs, all in one single application.”

Published by  IXA UvA-HVA