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With effect from 1 August 2018, NWO will implement a large-scale simplification of its funding instruments.

The aim of the simplification is to make the submission of research proposals in various programmes easier and will remove the barriers to submit proposals that cut across disciplinary or domain boundaries. The funding instruments will have a modular structure that provides room for customisation while retaining the uniformity. This simplification will not affect the content of the research programmes.

Three main forms

NWO's grant programmes will be accommodated in three main forms:

  • Individual funding, including the well-known Rubicon and Talent Scheme (Veni-Vidi-Vici)
  • Curiosity-driven research, including multilevel funding from small-scale projects to large-scale collaborative programmes with or without private partners
  • Thematic and mission-driven research, often carried out in collaboration with private or societal partners, within which multilevel funding from small to large projects is possible

Open Competition

Open Competition within the Social Sciences and Humanities Domain and the Science Domain will be the first programmes to follow the new model.

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