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Starting with the new application rounds for Veni and Vidi funding, NWO will ask candidates for an embedding guarantee. This means that researchers can only submit applications for Veni and Vidi funding with the support of the institution where they intend to conduct their research.

This measure stems from earlier measures announced by NWO and the agreements NWO has made with the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, the VSNU, all aimed at reducing the number of applications. It is expected to lead to fewer applications and be more consistent with the research institutions’ personnel policy.

How does an embedding guarantee work?

For Veni funding, applications will include a statement by the prospective institution that, if the funding is allocated, the researcher will be given the opportunity to conduct the research at the institution and to make use of all the facilities required to do so. For Vidi funding, applicationa will include a statement by the prospective institution, addressed to NWO, that the candidate will either be appointed as a tenure track candidate or will be offered a permanent appointment on being allocated funding. NWO will further specify the terms of the embedding guarantee for a Vidi in consultation with VSNU and the research institutions.

When do the changes take effect?

NWO will introduce the embedding guarantee with effect from the next application rounds for Veni and Vidi funding. The closing date for submitting a detailed application for the next Vidi round is October 2018 and for the Veni round January 2019.

More information on the NWO website

Pre-proposal in next Veni round Social Sciences and Humanities

In addition, the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities will pilot the use of a pre-proposal phase in the next Veni funding round. All candidates should submit a pre-proposal by 28 August 2018. The proposal will consist of a CV and a concise research idea. In addition, the application includes an expression of support (“embedding guarantee”) from the intended research institution.

More information about the next Veni round at SSH