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At the start of June, the NWO Domain Social Sciences and Humanities will launch a new funding instrument: the NWO Open Competition – SSH for free, curiosity-driven research.

Researchers will be able to submit proposals without any thematic limitations for projects that primarily have a social sciences or humanities research question and hypothesis. The budget available exceeds 16.5 million euros. The deadline for pre-proposals is 25 September 2018, the deadline for full proposals is 7 March 2019.

Open Competition will be a single domain-wide instrument for curiosity-driven, fundamental research that is suitable for both small and large projects. The research can have an interdisciplinary as well as cross-domain character. Funding for international collaboration between researchers and research groups is also possible.

With the introduction of this single Open Competition instrument, NWO will end the current open competition funding instruments within the social sciences and humanities. This concerns the programmes Internationalisation in the Humanities, Investment Grant NWO Medium, Open Research Area (ORA), Research Talent, Free Competition Humanities and ultimately PhDs in the Humanities as well (after the rounds of 2019 and 2020).

NWO Open Competition Social Sciences and Humanities