New NWO Open Competition in Social Sciences and Humanities

20 June 2018

NWO has published the call for proposals for the new NWO Open Competition programme in Social Sciences and Humanities (SGW).

The Open Competition – SSH aims to promote excellent non-programmed, curiosity-driven research with primarily social sciences- or humanities-related research questions and problem statements.

This new instrument is the successor of all current funding instruments of the open competition for the Social Sciences and Humanities:

  • Internationalisation in the Humanities
  • Investment Grant NWO Medium
  • Open Research Area (ORA)
  • Research talent (OT)
  • Free Competition Humanities
  • (after 2020) PhDs in the Humanities

The new Open Competition offers structural funding possibilities for post-Vici candidates. Applicants may only submit a proposal if they can no longer apply to the Talent Scheme according to the formal admissibility criteria. Only senior researchers with a fixed or temporary appointment at an institution recognised by NWO can submit an application.

The applicants can submit project proposals for a grant that can range from less than €100,000 up to a maximum of €750,000. The deadlines for submission are 25 September 2018 for pre-proposals and 7 March 2019 for full proposals.

Source: NWO

Published by  IXA UvA-HVA