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With these resources UvA researchers can carry out technical and/or commercial feasibility studies or start an innovation driven enterprise. We also provide a grant that aims at bringing collaboration with a company a step closer. Point of departure for these resources is (applied) knowledge developed within an UvA context. Each resource type has their own conditions, which are stated in the applicable Application Form.

Grant and Funding resources, the difference

Proof of Concept (PoC) and Pre-Seed fundings finances feasibility and/or commercial studies for your concept or invention. In case of success, a percentage of, the proceeds deriving from license revenues will flow back into the Valorisation Fund. This way we can finance other UvA projects and maintain this Fund.

A Grant is a gift that is made available under certain conditions.

How to apply?

  • Initiators can apply for funding by sending IXA UvA the application form, which can be downloaded here (conditions are stated in the applicable Application Form).
  • This application form shall include a well-reasoned exploitation plan consisting of a budget with an estimate of costs.
  • IXA will support Applicants to complete the application form.
  • Deadline: continuously.

Review, assessment and procedures of your application

  • For some types of funding, such as PoC and Pre-Seed, Applicants will be invited to pitch their proposal for an IXA expert panel. This panel assesses the application and the business case. This involves a review on technological feasibility, commercial potential and the business model for the projects subject.
  • In case of a Valorisation Fund application, IXA will consult external parties to review the request. On basis of their review IXA UvA decides whether or not to grant the applicant.
  • Approved applications will receive an Agreement from IXA UvA.
  • The fund will be made available by providing IXA with a WBS number of Applicants department, after which you can start!
  • Applicant reports the progress and results during and after of the project to IXA UvA.

Exploitation of project results

Project results will be licensed to an applicant's enterprise or Start-Up initiative for exploitation purposes. PoC and Preseed funding are a soft loan with a revolving character in case of successful exploitation of the results. This means that proceeds deriving from license revenues will flow back into the Valorisation Fund to support and finance other UvA projects and thus maintain this Fund.

Do you have questions or want support?

If you could do with advise or more information to decide which type of funding fits your needs or when you want support with your application, please contact Albert Wijnen at IXA UvA 020 525 5417 or

Results: 1 - 5 of 5
Results: 1 - 5 of 5
  • Informatics Feasibility Fund

    For feasibility/ commercial study, up to 45k€

  • Intellectual Property Fund

    Patent costs for UvA IP

  • Physics2Market Grant

    For physics related projects, up to 10-35k€

  • Proof of Concept and Pre-Seed funding

    For feasibility and/or commercial studies, up to 100k€

  • UvA valorisation funds

    Do you have an idea, concept or an invention that could do with further development? Regardless of your domain - Social Sciences and Humanities, Exact sciences or Life sciences - IXA UvA offers you a variety of funding and grants.