Faculty of Science/ Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica

The dedicated Research Grant Advisors, from the Grant Support Team IXA UvA-HVA, are:

Annette Dirac: HIMS, SILS and IAP

Carolien Zijderveld: IBED and IvI

Karin van de Sande: SILS, IoP and ILLC

Sofia Derossi: HIMS

They support individual, as well as consortium applications at the pre-award stage:

  • advice on acquisition of national and international grants
  • communicating opportunities and linking grant criteria to researchers profile (including identification  of opportunities in new H2020 Work Programmes)
  • proof-reading proposals
  • rebuttals and interview training

Personal Grants

Researchers applying for personal NWO Veni grant can follow a support programme at the UvA Faculty of Science. This programme includes workshops about proposal-writing, best practices by laureates and former evaluation committee members as well as feedback on proposals and mock interview trainings. For information, please send an email and your CV to kennistransfer@uva.nl.

Specifically for Marie Curie Individual fellowships, VENI and VIDI applications: If researchers from outside the university want to apply for such a grant to join your group, you can bring them in conatct with the grant advisors. They will provide feedback on these applications, specifically targeting the non-scientific aspects of the grant requirements.

We collaborate with the FNWI's Project Management Department and the FNWI’s Project Office to offer tailor made support for applications for research projects.

Project management support

The Project Management Department of the Faculty of Science supports coordinators of multi-partner research projects during the whole project cycle (pre-award, implementation, execution and final reporting phase of the project) with dedicated project management.

Their website and contacts:

Administrative & financial support

The FNWI’s Project Office provides the necessary support in drawing up and obtaining the financial and official documents requested by the funding organisation (including the necessary signatures of the faculty’s and university’s board).

Their website and contacts:

For our collaboration and the specific services of the Grant Support Team, the FNWI Project Management Department and the FNWI Project Office, see:

Published by  IXA UvA-HVA

14 December 2015