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The humanities consortium consisting of more than 20 institutions, headed by Huygens ING, was awarded EUR 13.8 million for the development of CLARIAH PLUS, a national digital infrastructure for the Humanities, within the framework of the National Roadmap for Large-scale Scientific Infrastructure.



CLARIAH-PLUS helps to analyze the enormeous amounts of digital resources that are available for research. It offers scientists a 'Common Lab' to learn how to extract hidden information with innovative user-friendly tools from this digital data.

European infrastructure

In the past four years, the consortium has laid the foundation for the CLARIAH infrastructure in the CLARIAH CORE project. Because the CLARIAH infrastructure is an integral part of the European CLARIN and DARIAH initiatives, the Netherlands plays an internationally prominent role in the development of a European infrastructure for the Humanities. Thanks to this award, the Netherlands can perpetuate that role in the coming years and expand it further.

National Roadmap Large-scale Scientific Infrastructure

The resources for the National Roadmap for Large-Scale Scientific Infrastructure enable the construction or renewal of top research facilities with an international reputation. These facilities have the highest priority for science and offer Dutch researchers access to high-quality national and sometimes international scientific infrastructure.