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NWO has published the call for proposals for the new NWO Open Competition programme in Social Sciences and Humanities (SGW).

The Open Competition – SSH aims to promote excellent non-programmed, curiosity-driven research with primarily social sciences- or humanities-related research questions and problem statements.

This new instrument is the successor of all current funding instruments of the open competition for the Social Sciences and Humanities:

  • Internationalisation in the Humanities
  • Investment Grant NWO Medium
  • Open Research Area (ORA)
  • Research talent (OT)
  • Free Competition Humanities
  • (after 2020) PhDs in the Humanities

The new Open Competition offers structural funding possibilities for post-Vici candidates. Applicants may only submit a proposal if they can no longer apply to the Talent Scheme according to the formal admissibility criteria. Only senior researchers with a fixed or temporary appointment at an institution recognised by NWO can submit an application.

The applicants can submit project proposals for a grant that can range from less than €100,000 up to a maximum of €750,000. The deadlines for submission are 25 September 2018 for pre-proposals and 7 March 2019 for full proposals.

Open Competition - SSH call on NWO website