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On November 26, six UvA students received a Young Talent Incentive Award of 500 euros from the Royal Holland Society of Sciences (KHMW) in Haarlem.

The award winning Chemistry students. Photo: Hilde de Wolf

The Young Talent Incentive Award is for students who follow an exact or technical study and in their first year excelled with the best results of their class.

The winners

The lucky winners from our university are: Justin Baars (Mathematics and technical mathematics), Michelle van Dongen (Chemistry UvA / VU), Jildou Hollander (Physics and technical physics UvA / VU), Anne Simone Lotfalla (Medicine), Lucas Reidstra (Informatica and technical computer science) and Annemarie Vermeulen (Biology).

All the mathematics students who received an award, with Justin Baars on the far left. Photo: Hilde de Wolf
The award winning chemistry students, with Michelle van Dongen in the middle (blue dress). Photo: Hilde de Wolf
Jildou Hollander (middle, with the necklace) and her fellow prize winning physics students. Photo: Hilde de Wolf
The award winning Medicine students, with Anne Simone Lotfalla in the middle. Photo: Hilde de Wolf
Lucas Reidstra (middle, red checkered shirt) and the other excelling informatics students. Photo: Hilde de Wolf
Annemarie Vermeulen, winner of KHMW Young Talent 2018 for Biology
Annemarie Vermeulen could not attend the award ceremony. Professor Michel Haring awarded her the prize at a later moment, and expressed his praise for the fact that Annemarie chose to attend an important practicum instead of going to the ceremony. Photo: Annemarie Vermeulen