Faculty of Humanities

The dedicated research grant advisors from the Grant Support Team IXA UvA-HvA for Humanities researchers are Carolien Zijderveld, Els den Os and Daphne Lentjes (ACLC).

They support individual, as well as consortium applications at the pre-award stage:

  • Advice on acquisition of national and international grants
  • Communicating opportunities and linking grant criteria to researchers' profiles (including identification of opportunities in new Horizon 2020 Work Programmes)
  • Proof-reading proposals
  • Rebuttals and interview trainings

Personal grants

Researchers applying for personal grants such as NWO Veni, Vidi or Vici, or ERC grants can follow a support programme at the UvA Faculty of Humanities. This programme, organized with the Humanities Faculty Grant Team, includes workshops about proposal-writing, best practices by laureates and former evaluation committee members as well as feedback on proposals and mock interview trainings. For information and registration, please send an email and your CV to subsidie-fgw@uva.nl

Administrative & financial support

The Faculty’s Office provides the necessary support in drawing up and obtaining the financial and official documents requested by the funding organisation (including the necessary signatures of the faculty’s and university’s board).

Contact details

  • Dr. Carolien Zijderveld, Advisor Research Funding
    E: c.zijderveld@ixa.nl, T: +31 (0)20 525 6931
    Bushuis F1.11A - available for appointments Thu
  • Dr. Els den Os, Advisor Research Funding
    E: e.a.denos@uva.nl, T: +31 6 5548 6854
    Bushuis F1.11A - available for appointments Tue and Thu afternoon
  • Dr. Daphne Lentjes, Advisor Research Funding
    E: d.lentjes@ixa.nl
    Bushuis F1.11A - available for appointments Tue and Wed

Published by  IXA UvA-HVA

21 November 2017