Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences

The dedicated research grant advisors from the Grant Support Team IXA UvA-HVA for Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences researchers are Bea Krenn (AISSR), Olga Gritsai (ASCoR) and Annette Dirac (PRI and CDE).

They support individual, as well as consortium applications at the pre-award stage:

  • Advice on acquisition of national and international grants
  • Communicating opportunities and linking grant criteria to researchers' profiles (including identification of opportunities in new Horizon 2020 Work Programmes)
  • Proof-reading proposals
  • Rebuttals and interview training

Administrative & financial support

The Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences Project Office provides the necessary support in drawing up the project budget and obtaining the official support documents requested by the funding organisation. The Project Office provides a permanent financial officer affiliated to each Research Institute. Research Institutes provide assistance in the preparation of documents related to ethical issues and some other supporting documents.

Contact details

  • Dr. Bea Krenn, Advisor Research Funding & Manager Program Development and Valorisation AISSR
    E: b.krenn@ixa.nl, T: +31 (0)20 525 4796
    Available at REC-B (rm. B 8.00) on Tue and Thu
  • Dr. Olga Gritsai, Advisor Research Funding
    E: o.gritsai@ixa.nl, T: +31 (0)20 525 8852
    Available at REC-C 10 on Tue
  • Dr. Annette Dirac, Advisor Research Funding
    E: a.dirac@ixa.nl, T: +31 (0)20 525 2694
    Available at REC-D on Tuesdays and at Diamantbeurs (room 1.13) on Thu

Published by  IXA UvA-HVA

21 November 2017