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Do you have an idea, concept or an invention that could do with further development? Regardless of your domain - Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH), exact sciences or life sciences - IXA-UvA offers you a variety of funding and grants that stimulates impact and valorisation.

With these resources UvA researchers can carry out feasibility studies - commercial and/ or technical - or start a knowledge/ research-driven enterprise. Further IXA-UvA provides grants with the aim to bring collaborations with Profit and/ or Not-for-Profit companies a step closer. Point of departure for these funding types is (applicable) knowledge developed within an UvA context. Each funding type has their own terms and conditions. You find them in the drop down menu below, under the corresponding specific fund information.

  • General information on UvA grants and funding

    Grant and Funding, the difference

    Grant is a gift that is made available under certain conditions.

    Funding types such as Proof of Concept (PoC) funds are considered a so-called 'soft loan'. Meaning that in case of market success, a percentage of the proceeds will flow back into the UvA Valorisation Fund. This way the fund stays available for other UvA projects. With a PoC funding you can finance feasibility, market and/or commercial studies for your research based concept, innovation or invention.

    How to apply for UvA PoC funding?

    • Researchers can apply for funding by sending the corresponding application form to IXA-UvA
    • This application form includes a well-reasoned exploitation plan consisting of a budget with an estimate of costs.
    • IXA can help researchers to complete the application form.
    • Deadlines: continuously.

    Do you have questions or want support?

    If you could do with advise or more information to decide which type of funding fits your needs or when you want support with your application, please contact IXA-UvA 

  • SSH Concept Fund

    With the SSH Concept Fund, the UvA encourages scientists in the Social Sciences & Humanities (SSH) to develop research-based concepts and insights into socially valuable products or services, and bring them to the market through a start-up or social venture.

    This fund provides researchers with a budget to further conceptualize their research based idea into an initial (business) plan for a company (non-profit or for-profit). The fund can also be used to validate the concept through market research, a pilot project or other means that will provide insight into feasibility and market/user needs.

    You can apply for € 1,000 to € 95,000 funding.

  • SSH Impact Fund - UvA Ventures Holding

    The SSH Impact Fund of UvA of Ventures Holding (UVH) is a possible follow-on funding of the IXA-UvA SSH Concept Fund. Together the two funds form the UvA's pathway to impact, a joint effort of the Knowledge Transfer Office - Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA) - and UVH. This fund aims to capitalize on SSH research, from UvA researchers, by supporting the development of spin-offs that address societal challenges.

    The pathway to impact outlines the process for researchers to transition from research to commercial spin-offs or financially sustainable social ventures, with UVH potentially providing funding after initial IXA-UvA support. 

    About UvA Ventures Holding

    UVH specializes in early-stage investment in academic spin-off companies from the University of Amsterdam, working to commercialize academic knowledge.

  • Proof of Concept funding

    For feasibility and/or commercial studies, up to 100k€

    IXA-UvA offers researchers so called Proof of Concept (PoC) funding. Proof of Concept (PoC) funding finances feasibility and/or commercial studies for your concept or invention. In case of success, a percentage of, the proceeds deriving from license revenues will flow back into the Valorisation Fund. This way we can finance other UvA projects and maintain this Fund.

    How to apply: procedure of your application

    • Make an appointment with a IXA-UvA Business Developer by sending us an E-mail;
    • Together you evaluate the idea and discuss whether an application for PoC funding is a good fit;
    • Fill in the application form and send it to
    • Applications up to € 25.000 will be assessed by IXA-UvA;
    • Applications above € 25.000 will be presented to a panel of experts. The panel will evaluate the application and its business case. Criteria such as (technological) feasibility, commercial and impact potential will be examined;
    • Once approved, an agreement will be signed between IXA-UvA, you, the Faculty Dean and your manager;
    • Provide IXA-UvA with a WBS number of your department, after which the funds will be made available and you can start;
    • The applicant reports regularly to IXA-UvA on the outcome of the project.
  • UvA Intellectual Property Fund

    To cover costs for applying and maintaining patents

    We are aware that filing a patent is a time-consuming process that requires insight and money. Therefore, IXA-UvA will assist you in the patent application process. Both the application costs and the costs of maintaining a patent are covered by the UvA Patent Fund.

    If you develop a potentially patentable invention you should notify your dean and IXA-UvA. Together with an IXA-UvA business developer you will discuss the invention and determine whether it is new and patentable and to establish whether the invention has commercial potential. If so, IXA-UvA and the director of your research institute and the faculty dean will decide on submitting a patent application. Secrecy is essential to obtaining a patent, at least until the patent application is submitted.

  • TTT-AI - Thematic Technology Transfer Artificial Intelligence program

    This national program helps transform academic research into ground-breaking applications and spin-offs. How? By enabling researchers and students to take their research-based idea to the next level with a venture building program and funding to validate the idea. TTT-AI’s strategy centres on a tailor-made approach, fitting the specific needs of your idea.

    TTT-AI is a collaborative alliance between the Knowledge Transfer Offices (KTOs) of UvA, VU, Amsterdam UMC, Universiteit Utrecht, Utrecht UMC, Radboud Universiteit, Radboud UMC, TU/e, CWI and LUMO Labs.